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Roundstone Bakehouse

roundstone bakehouse


Roundstone Bakehouse is a pioneering Irish bakery respecting the traditions of our ancient past to create great Irish bread.

Ireland has always been connected, never isolated. We are explorers, adventurers, seekers of knowledge. We live on the edge of Europe but at the centre of creative thinking.


We are part of an outlooking Atlantic maritime community. Sharing our food, our culture and our ancient wisdom, handed down from generation to generation. We are contributing to shaping the future of food for today and tomorrow’s discerning consumers.

We take our inspiration from the depth of knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, from those who pioneered the cultivation of grains and the production of bread.
We look to the root, to the source, as our guide.

From the very beginnings of cereal production in the Levant region 10,000 years ago, to the gradual spread of grain to our Irish Shores 4,000 years later, we have searched out, and perfected, the milling of our ancestral ancient grains: einkorn, emmer, spelt, rye, khorasan, barley...

These are the grains that triggered food surplus and civilisation as we know it.

We have been baking bread in Ireland since at least the Bronze Age, the cereal cultivation ridges still visible under the bogs of Belderrig in North Mayo. Roundstone Bakehouse is a celebration of this ancient tradition.

A tradition expressed in the taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability of our Bread. Stoneground flour, stone oven, our unique sour dough culture. Bread as it should be.

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Hunter-Gatherer offers a range of delicious Irish foraged foods and accessories.

Tread lightly on our world...


Our ancient Hunter-gatherer ancestors lived in greater harmony and balance with nature that we do today. Hunting and gathering for food meant taking what was enough for their needs but not everything that was available.


At Hunter-Gatherer, our wild foods are gathered so as to leave plenty behind for others and other times.

Enjoy them sparingly and with respect. We know they will taste delicious as they have been created by mother nature – unspoilt, unprocessed – a gift from nature.  We also design and create a range of accessories to help you on your own wild culinary journeys – Foraging Baskets, canvas bags, mugs, and things you need for the perfect nomadic food adventure with you friends and family.

The ways of Hunter-Gatherer lifestyles are as much a role model for contemporary living as they were for our ancestors over 7,000 years ago. Hunter-Gatherers live typically in close connection with their natural environment – living, working, and socialising in harmony with nature and with the changes and opportunities brought about by each season.

Hunter-Gatherers usually travel in small, nomadic groups or bands. The essence of Hunter-Gatherer adaptation is to exploit the places where they live, and the local food resources lightly. Rather than depend heavily on a few food types, they travel seasonally to gain access to foods that are plentiful and enjoyable.


Hunter-Gatherers concentrate their activities predominantly near water, on the shores of the seas, lakes and rivers. Where there is water, there is life. Water is one of those primal elements that energizes us and replenishes us.

Hunter-Gatherers rely on a very detailed knowledge of their locality to find their seasonal food. The Hunter-Gatherer diet is typically based on hunting game such as deer, wild pig or wild ducks, and gathering a wide variety of plant-based wild foods; hazelnuts, wild parsnip roots, blackberries, honey and many others depending on the bounty of the locality. Foods that are high on taste, diversity, nutrition, energy, and social enjoyment. Surely the essential characteristics of a great modern diet!


Hunter-Gatherer – In Harmony with Nature

Hibernia Meat

hibernia meats


Hibernia Irish Meat stands out for its delicious taste and for small production.

Our skilled butchers select our meat from Irish farmers and producers that have a common philosophy that small is beautiful.


The flavour of meat is a direct result of a number of important factors. The careful breeding and selection of the animals, the way the animals are reared and fed on the farm, the dignity and respect given to the animals as they are brought to the abattoir for their one bad day and finally the skilled ageing and master butchery of the meat as it is matured ready for your table.


All these factors are taken into account in the preparation of the meat you buy from Hibernia. We remember that a living animal has died and therefore we have a duty to respect and use all the meat well in our preparation of this premium delicious nutritious food.

All the pig meat we select is free range and an example of working with skilled people throughout the food chain so that you can enjoy the very best of Irish meat.

Our beef cattle are selected from our partner farmers in Leinster to ensure that your steaks, burgers and roasting joints represent the very best of Irish farming and agriculture.

Our free range organic lambs are bread in small numbers to the highest Irish organic farming standards to produce tender succulent lamb.

peck col.jpg
Pecking Order

pecking order


Irish free range poultry.

In the poultry world, birds have a social structure developed
over thousands of years of evolution to manage their use of resources and energy. From this the phrase ‘Pecking Order’ derives.

In today’s fast moving consumer world, there are chickens and then there are chickens. There certainly is a ‘Pecking Order’. And sometimes you need to slow and scale things down, not speed them up. The protocols that have developed for the poultry food chain vary widely. We believe that all animals require and deserve the respect that our position at the top of the food chain bestows on us.

‘Pecking Order Poultry Welfare Standards’ ensure that all birds you buy have been given the best living conditions possible, for as long as possible. This is reflected in the quality of the meat. Our bird breeds enjoy open and interesting spaces. They are fed on clean, natural foods that optimise their health and wellbeing. That’s what makes our chickens actually taste like chicken. Humane slaughter and skilled butchery on the farm complete the circle.


Our farmer and production partners place animal welfare at the forefront. Every step along the life cycle of the bird is considered, respectful, and managed, to work in harmony with nature.

FA RIDDLE AND SPADE trans white.tif
Riddle & Spade

riddle & spade


Welcome to the world of Riddle & Spade Fruits and Vegetables, an Irish family business

dedicated to providing the best tasting, freshest produce, grown with the utmost care.

In a world where so many fruit and vegetables have been cost engineered to create perfect, uniform, tasteless food, riddle & spade supports and promotes taste, diversity, sustainability, quality and value for money when it comes to all our fresh produce.


Great tasting produce starts with the health of the soil in which the plants grow. Our grandfather, who worked in his mother’s fresh produce shop in Dublin, at the beginning of the last century, always had a riddle and a spade in his vegetable garden, to condition the soil for the growing season ahead. 100 years later, it seemed like a suitable symbol of our attention to detail in bringing you extraordinary fresh produce.

As a provider of seasonal fruit and vegetables, we work with both Irish and international growers, depending on the season and climatic conditions required to grow the best produce.

As a supplier of choice to many of Ireland’s renowned chefs, we bring you not only the kitchen classics that you need for everyday meals, but also the more cutting edge seasonal fruit and vegetables.


As a company our sustainable fruit and vegetable strategy includes a strong programme of working with local Irish growers. In 2020 our circle of local growers in Ireland stands at 20 with locations in north Dublin, south Leinster, Munster and in Galway and Mayo. Our strategy is to drive and support our growers so that together we can provide you with amazingly fresh, nutritious and local seasonal produce.

Valrhona Signature typo blanche CMJN GB.



Since 1922 the vocation of Valrhona has been to create exceptional chocolate, while respecting the artisan’s know-how and fine French taste.

Dedicated to quality, Valrhona controls each step in the Grand Chocolat process- from the selection of the finest cocoa beans directly on their plantations, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, to the painstaking combination of beans and final manufacturing in the traditional way.

Valrhona is working to become a certified B Corporation. The assessment system B Corp offers will serve as a guide as they work to make their business better for the world around us. 

By buying Valrhona, you choose a responsible chocolate that is 100% traceable and sourced directly from 10,262 producers who Valrhona supports in adopting good social and environmental practices. You also choose a company that has been partnering the food sector and supporting chefs for almost 100 years.

But Valrhona is, above all else, the story of its people. Beyond their status as a chocolate company, their strength lies in the ties they forge between producers, employees and customers. These ties, which they continue to reinforce every single day, help cocoa producers improve their livelihoods and enable customers to unleash their creativity in an ever-more sustainable way.
Let’s act now for the responsible gastronomy of tomorrow!

Corleggy Cheeses logo border.jpg
Corleggy Cheese

corleggy cheeses


Corleggy means “little windy hill” and is where they make their award-winning Irish artisan farmhouse cheeses,

handmade from wholly natural ingredients, in the traditional time-honoured way.

Established in 1985, in Belturbet Co.Cavan, every cheese is made by hand with production not exceeding 10 tonnes per annum between Goats, Sheep & Cows’ milk cheeses.


They collect all their milk from three neighbouring farms using just mornings milk for their production. The finest quality raw milk from locally grazed, grass-fed herds of Goats, Sheep & Cows is handmade into hard & soft cheeses, which mature for at least 3 months.

They believe in the slow food philosophy; it takes time for these wonderful cheeses to mature & develop. Each of their farmhouse cheeses is cared for individually with lots of subtle flavours, improving with maturity; their natural rind is nurtured, one of their cheeses noted characteristics. The only added ingredients are vegetarian rennet & salt.

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Final_Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers_C
Wild Irish Foragers

wild irish foragers


Foraged foods & preserves from Offaly.

In the wilds of Co. Offaly is a small 5th generation family farm. The hedgerows are pretty wild, and grass grows in the middle of the lanes, unusual wild flowers spring up hither & thither as they wish to, but 5 generations in, they feel a deep connection with this land. The Greene family has an old, sometimes reliable Leyland, 5 kids & a love for their little patch of Ireland. Sons, father, his father & his father & his father before him have all walked this land, cared for it, loved it and struggled to make a living from such a small patch, but they all have strived to keep it in good stead for the next generation.

They decided to share their love for this land and its bounty and started a small business called The Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers. From the farm they personally hand harvest Wild Rosehips, Elderberries, Damsons, Elderflowers, Gorse, Rowanberries, Sloes, Spring Nettles, Blackberries, Honeysuckle, Goosegrass, Clovers to name but a few! From these incredible, natural wild Irish ingredients they make Syrups, Sauces, Fruit Cheeses, Jellies, Pontack and their newest product, Shrubs.

They strive to recreate a taste of the past, recipes that were used in a bygone era. Wild food used in this way is part of Irish Food Heritage, a simple taste that has been almost forgotten. When they started out, they went to Farmers Markets etc. and were amazed at the level of interest in their products and the amount of people who were so thrilled to taste a reminder of many of their childhoods. 

All About Kombucha
All Abbout Kombocha.tif

all about kombucha


Fresh fermented sparkling tea brewed from wholesome organic ingredients, the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

This Galway artisan adventure is the passion project of Emmett Kerrigan and Keith Loftus.

All their kombucha is brewed & bottled on home soil. They have built their own brewery from the ground up. Creation is at the heart of what they do so it makes it all the sweeter knowing the production process inside out. They blend a variety of three teas and steep them until they get the desired flavour. Tea, water, sugar and time- Kombucha is as simple as that. They let the ancient art of fermentation transform the sweet tea into Kombucha. What’s left is a low calorie, low sugar and probiotic rich sparkling drink. 

They have recently started working with 1% for the planet, an initiative set up by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. They donate 10% of all their profits to efforts to combat climate change. This is something they feel very strongly about as ‘Causing minimal harm’ is one of their values. This is also part of the reason they currently sponsor the likes of Patagonia’s instore events, Sustainable Fashion Dublin’s workshops and Sip n’ Swaps exhibitions. 

Carrot Fennel Re-edited.jpg
The Cultured Food Company

the cultured food company


The Cultured Food Company is reviving the ancient art of hand crafted live fermented foods.

Fermentation is an ancient art of food preservation and live fermented foods are naturally rich in beneficial bacteria. Founded by a nutritionist with a passion for using food as a medicine The Cultured Food Company produces a range of delicious live fermented vegetable condiments. The company was developed five years ago by Hayley Milthorpe, a nutritionist with a passion for real live fermented foods and a desire to fill a gap in the market providing consumers with high quality live fermented vegetable condiments. The business was developed because live fermented foods have many health benefits and were not readily available to the consumers at the time.

Made by hand in small batches in West Cork, Long fermentation process, Long shelf life, Not pasteurised, Raw, organic and 100% vegan except the Kimchi (this has fish sauce in it!), Full of beneficial bacteria and live enzymes.

Full logo GOLD.jpg
Broighter Gold

broighter gold


Broighter Gold award-winning rapeseed oil is grown and cold-pressed on the Kane’s family farm in Limavady.

The Kane’s pride themselves on their rapeseed oil’s golden colour, mild flavour and great taste. They grow only one variety, on one type of soil which is unique to Northern Ireland, therefore giving consistency to their product. Blessed with a subtle, velvety and nutty flavour, Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil is ideal for all kinds of baking, stir frying and drizzling – the perfect all-rounder.

Possibly the most versatile cooking oil you can buy, and one you can trust to make all your meals healthier. It’s no wonder Broighter Gold is fast becoming the culinary choice for top chefs around the country. 

Ketchup on blue background edited.jpg
Mama Bear Logo.png
Mama Bear Ketchup

mama bear foods


The award-winning Mama Bear tomato ketchup is made using

an Irish apple cider vinegar and contains chicory root fibre, a natural source of prebiotic fibre.

It has just 9.5 g of sugar per 100g and is low in salt and fat free.

Mama Bear ketchup comes in a 100% recyclable glass bottle with aluminium lid and is made in Ireland.

Bolter Design - Burren Balsamics - Rye L
Logo low res.png
Burren Balsamics

burren balsamics


Based in the Irish countryside, Burren Balsamics was Founded in 2014 and stemmed from a desire
to create a range of ground breaking and affordable 100% natural whole fruit infused vinegars.

Using traditionally aged balsamic vinegar imported directly from Modena, they gently infuse locally sourced and grown fruit,

allowing the product to mature naturally, creating a versatile ingredient for any kitchen. They produce an exceptional range of artisan

small batch infused balsamic vinegars and white Italian condiments (white balsamics). Unlike any other, they have become widely known

as ‘the Missing Ingredient’ - Umami flavours that are game changers for the chef’s larder or the home cook’s favourite store cupboard ingredient. Use in savoury & sweet dishes: drizzled over cheese, added to marinades and casseroles or as the twist to ice creams -
always adding depth and flavour. They even work in cocktails!

NutShed Logo.png
Nut Shed

nut shed


NutShed is based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary where they produce the finest peanut butters. All gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free. 

Evie & Eliza, food makers and sisters and the owners of NutShed. It’s no accident that they’re here, feeding Ireland, sustaining people up and down the country with the best plant-based foods that they can think of. It’s because their lives have always been a recipe for really delicious things. Armfuls of gorgeous ingredients all around them, lugs of inspiration and experience from a childhood immersed in the world of food, loads of hard work and serious drizzle of passion… 

Edmond Fallot

edmond fallot


Fallot Mustard Mill, the last great independent Burgundy ‘Moutarderie’ (mustard mill)
has been an independent Burgundian family business since 1840.

The Fallot Company is anxious to maintain both quality and tradition and therefore adhere to the techniques of the old craftsmen mustard makers. They continue to prepare their mustard using recipes that have been jealously guarded over several generations, milling the mustard seed with traditional stone grinders, thus conserving all the gustatory qualities of the grain in the paste.

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